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Webdevplace will bring you quality tutorials and services to make your dreams come true. The site will feature both web-programming and web-design tutorials as well as the official portfolio works of the author, to get some inspiration.

What is SEO and how to optimize your site?

SEO: the word what you probably heard many times. But is it really important? Absolutely. In this tutorial you can learn what search engine optimisation means and how to optimize your website to perform better when bots are analyzing your website.

Google AMP tutorial

The AMP javascript library was developed by google, to bring instant website loading times for website owners who support it. How can you integrate AMP to your website? What are the advantages of using AMP? We will find this out in this tutorial.

Google Chrome Audits and best practices

There are many ways to make your website loading faster and more importantly smoother. In this article you could learn what are the tools what you can use to evaluate your website's performance and accessibility.

PayPal website integration with PHP,HTML and Javascript

In this tutorial you can learn how to integrate the famous payment method: PayPal to your own website using PHP, HTML and Javascript. Why is it useful? Because this is the fastest and easiest and more importantly free way to create a webshop and manage the payments of your small business.